Friday, March 21, 2008

Over 100 Inches

Yes, friends. We've made it! With the snowfall that has rolled into west Michigan today, we now have more than 100 inches for the season. If you don't believe me, come drive on our streets and roads for a time and it will make you a believer. They are terrible! Potholes are worse than at any other time since I've moved to Michigan. I'm thankful I'm safe inside my house and have no reason to go out in the immediate future. The mail is piling up in my mailbox, but there are worse things.

Even though the calendar says it's spring, the Lord must know that we need a bit more of the white stuff, because it's coming down. Some places in our area have gotten as much as 14 inches but we've not gotten nearly that much. I believe we have only 4-5 inches.

So, winter rages on in Michigan. Why doesn't Al Gore attempt to fly into Grand Rapids about now to try to prove his global warming theory? He couldn't, because the airport is shut down!

I'm hoping to see some crocuses soon. I need some color in the yard!

Until next time...

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Julie Eckert said...

I really enjoy getting your electronic epistle. This is the first time that I have log onto your blog. You ARE learning technology, you go girl!!