Saturday, April 12, 2008

Could it be that Spring has Sprung?

In southwestern Michigan it seems that spring may have finally arrived. That is not the case for the entire state. The UP had about a foot of snow yesterday and they have about three feet on the ground. I'm so thankful the Lord hasn't called me to live there, and I pray He never does. Here the last of the snow is gone, even the piles at the edges of parking lots, etc. And--the crocuses appear to be in full bloom. Brave little flowers! They must be very cold. We're to have snow flurries tomorrow, so the brave, little flowers may get an unexpected covering. We've had so much snow and rain! They say Lake Michigan is up four inches in recent days.

I've been very busy. Last Friday I picked up one of the most intense proofreading jobs I've ever done--2340 pages, and the font size was so small, I'd never seen anything like it. It required lots of corrections and I wondered if I would be able to get it done by Thursday noon, as they said I must. Thankfully, the Lord helped me through it, and I did finish it on time. I really, really was stretched in the process though.

Besides that, I was battling an eye problem. About two weeks ago I awakened with sort of a black cobweb over my right eye. It got a little better, and I'm used to ocular migraines, so I just decided to ignore it, thinking it would go away. Well it didn't, and proofreading seemed to accentuate it. I don't have the whole cobweb anymore. Rather, I have an irregular, vertical black line down the center of my visual field with blurred vision toward my nose. When I compared two pages, as I did throughout the proofreading job, and had to move my eyes back and forth between those two areas many times per minute that floating black line was very disconcerting. I called Grand Rapids Ophthalmology and they told me to come in ASAP. I went there almost immediately after dropping off my proofreading job. I'm happy to say that I don't have a detached retina, which I feared I might. Instead the doctor says I have detached vitreous. He says I'm not "out of the woods, yet," because some times as the vitreous detaches it pulls part of the retina with it, so I won't be out of the woods for four to six weeks since that is how long the whole process can last. I'd appreciate your prayers about this.

Well, I need to get to work. I've enjoyed visiting with you.

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