Friday, April 18, 2008

Rocking and Rolling

No, I haven't gotten into new (to me) music. I'm just reporting what happened at my house at about 5:35 this morning. Yes, as far north as Grand Rapids, we felt the earthquake. I was in the bathroom when it began. For a few seconds the large mirror over the sink rattled in its brackets. That wouldn't have surprised me if it had been all that had happened, since I live a few miles from a major freeway and traffic often has that effect. But when the whole house began shaking, I realized it was an earthquake. Thankfully it only lasted a few seconds here. Since my younger sister and her husband live about 50-60 miles from the epicenter, I surmised that they must have experienced much more rocking and rolling than I did.

Spring has officially arrived based on what is happening to flowers and trees in our area. My new Bradford pear tree, planted last summer, has buds on it now. I have a bouquet of daffodils on my counter, a gift of some friends from church. I'm enjoying it!

At Bibles International, I finished the rough draft of the translation manual I've been working on periodically for months. I've passed it to the next person who will do the next level of work on it. I'm happy to have completed my part of the work.

I'm spending more time interviewing and planning for the history project. Pray for me as I continue to work toward that end. Today I had a new idea about one of the major components I need to include in the book. I talked to the editor of many of our publications, asking for her feedback to my ideas. I need someone off whom I can bounce ideas, someone who will give me honest feedback. I'm counting on your prayers as I walk through this project. I want the history to be something that will please the Lord and show how He has worked in and through our organization. He deserves the credit and praise and that's what I hope to demonstrate through this history project.

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