Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Christmas Gift to Myself

This is my early Christmas gift to myself. I have long prayed about having a little dog. I had a tiny toy poodle when I began deputation the second time, but I had to give him up because I had to travel so much.

I've had this little one about a month. When she came home with me, she weighed two pounds, 1/2 ounce. I think she's gained a significant amount of weight since then. I'm trying not to overfeed her, but I don't know how much she needs. She is a lap dog, and I love holding her on my lap when I sit. It's very comforting to hold a living being. (Those of you who are not pet lovers will not understand that statement. Those of you who are, will understand completely!) It feels almost as if I have a human with me. Even though she is so tiny, she is now five months old. The veterinarian tells me he thinks she will be about four pounds when full grown. The breeder, because she knew I wanted a small dog, told me she would be only 2 1/2 to 3 pounds when full grown. In any case, I enjoy her tiny size, although I have to watch her closely when she's around my feet. I could easily trip over her, injuring both of us, because she's so tiny. She is very quick as well.

Her name is Precious. She is a Yorkie.

Although I'm enjoying this gift to myself, there is a much better gift I'm enjoying much more--the gift of Jesus Christ, come to be our Savior! And that gift came from God, the Father. He loved His Son very much, but He was willing to give Him as a gift to any who believe Him, to those who call on His name. That is the gift I'll celebrate the most this Christmas season.


Susan said...

LOVE her!!! She is so cute. And I love how you turned her into a Christian illustration too. I can't wait to see her.


Hi! This is Isabel! IS she trained yet? Have you taught her to lay down or sit?


Elaine said...

No, Isabel. I need your help. Can you come up and help me?

Linda Sullivan said...

She is adorable and I definitely understand how you feel about her. My best friend is a 65 lb. lab/dobie mix. And he and I communicate really well most of the time. Feeding instructions: be sure she is on a puppy food, whatever brand you choose. Then follow the feeding directions on the bag. She needs to be on a regular schedule, like 3 times a day, not just a bowl of food left out. That makes it hard to judge what she's eating and harder to get her potty trained.Find a physically active game you both can play, like chasing the ball, tug, etc. because she does need a lot of exercise while she is growing. And don't forget to really socialize her with lots of people, and with other dogs at every given opportunity. Puppy kindergarden would be a good idea. Look for a reputable trainer, APDT certified would help.Ask about their training methods, you want positive reinforcement trainers, not someone who is into discipline and choke collars. Have fun with her!