Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is Spring Coming to Grand Rapids?

It seems hard to believe that spring may actually be coming at long last to Grand Rapids. Amazing!

I'm still doing rewrites on the history book, but I'm supposed to get it to the editor by the end of this week. Please continue praying.

This evening was our last ladies' Bible study for this season. I'm sad about that. Please pray for those involved, some of whom are facing some major challenges.

My housemate moved out yesterday. Now to decide what to do about housing. I really need to get out of this house. Please pray with me about that as well.

Thanks for your prayers. I need and appreciate them.
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Bobbi said...

We think of you often and when we do we ask God's grace and direction in all you do. He is so faithful to provide our every need. We see it often in our own lives. The signs of Spring bring much needed hope. Enjoy -- we are rapidly entering our summer season. Been record breaking heat and morning lows. Weird! And very dry!We just praise God for his faithfulness. Much love, Elaine. Try to take it easy and rest well. Bobbi

Susan said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on! I am glad the book is almost finished - I think that would be a huge relief. I didn't know you were losing your roommate. I will pray about your house situation. Are houses selling any better in GR now than previously? Will your Bible study resume in the fall? I will pray for its members. The flowers sure are pretty!

Anonymous said...

Good AM, Elaine, Kris called yesterday and it DOES sound like spring has arrived in MI! WE are kind of in the same situation as you - trying to figure out what to do! Stay here? Move? Where? What? Thankful that God already knows....will be praying, of course, as we have been.